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Industrial Harvest is a project of Sarah Kavage; I'm an artist and urban planner born & raised in the rural midwest and now based in Seattle.  I'm fascinated by massive, seemingly inpenetrable systems and subcultures (sewer systems, subways, bureaucracy, commerce), of which the Board of Trade is one.  I also just really dig Chicago - more about that here.

I'm pretty lucky to have some amazing people giving their advice & support:
Ben Walker The first Industrial Harvest research fellow, Ben helped me to research the broader themes that this project touches. He also helped to connect me to advocates, farmers, bakers, brewers and others in Chicago.
Joanna Ericson - Commodities trader by day, foodie and urban farmer by night, Joanna is my "in" to the world of the Board of Trade. 
Anne E. Moore - has been with me on this since the beginning, pushing it forward.
Nance Klehm - radical ecologist and fellow Scorpio, Nance is an inspiration and a resource.  I was a resident at Nance's Urban Homestead in May 2009. 
InCUBATE - best acronym ever and devoted to 'the art of the everyday', these folks are making arts administration their art, bless 'em.  I was their resident in December 2009. Robin Hewlett & the Backstory Cafe
Melina Kelson - faculty at Kendall College culinary school, masterminded the building of a brick pizza oven on campus.
Cathi Bouzide - artist of the corn. 
Mike Sands runs the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm
Debbie Hillman & Jim Braun - the dynamic duo behind Illinois' groundbreaking Food Farms & Jobs act, y'all are lucky to have these two busy people working for local agriculture.
Mike Wolf - life, and art, must be experienced to be understood.
Mary Bao bakes bread in bulk and gives it away at the bar that she and her husband Neil run in Rogers Park, Duke's.  She gave me a fabulous tutorial on sourdough baking back in December 2009.
THANKS to these folks and the many others who are helping to make this project happen!!

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